YPL match report v Queens @ Home

19th Feb 2016

Niall McKinnon vs David Hymas
Due to a short delay to the start of the match over on court 6, Niall was playing in front of a sizeable home crowd and rose to the occasion, controlling the first game. It looked as though Dave Hymas might get enough of a foothold to make his way back into the match during the second but in the end he couldn’t offer up enough of a challenge to really push Niall, who won comfortably in 3.



Dom vs Connor Sheen.


The first game was devoid of promise consisting of mostly short and scrappy rallies ending with uncharacteristic errors from the home player. It was clear to see that an ankle problem was affecting Dom’s positioning and shot preparation as well as his mobility around the court, with Connor not having to dig at all deep to take the first. Dom starting finding his shots around the middle of the second and took points with some impossibly tight drops and well placed cross-court volleys finding the nick off Connor’s serve. Dom stayed right in the second to end but couldn’t quite clinch it, losing 9-11. In the third Dom appeared to be travelling round the court a little better and did enough to have the balcony pondering the possibility of a comeback but it was not to be – an uncontroversial stroke against Dom gave Connor match ball which he converted at the first attempt.


Dec Christie vs David Campion

Dec made a bright start to this match and took the lead in the first against the the ex-England coach but was punished by the unrelenting control of Campion, grafting hard but ultimately losing the first. The home player came out looking focussed for the second, playing some clever winners and earning a deserved game ball, but again the experience and control of Campion proved too much and Dec was not able to capitalise on the game ball, succumbing 10-12 to go two down. Campion’s hold and flick really took its toll in the third with any hope of a comeback dashed as Campion eased through to 11-4 and the match.


Wan Adnan vs James Earles


The game reached 3-all before Wan started to the turn the screw and forced the first errors from James. James responded by recovering to 5-9 before being taxied by a well-disguised forehand crosscourt and then decisively hitting the ball out to hand the first to Wan 11-7. Wan must have been taking some matchplay hints from resident side wall expert Graham Brown, deploying an uninspiring skid boast at 1-all and losing the rally. This marked the start of a good spell for James who progressed to 9-4 after some shocking errors from Wan who went on to lose the second. The business end of the previous game had clearly taken it’s toll on James and Wan came out guns blazing in the third who was defying the standard laws of physics and picking up everything his opponent could throw at him. The errors began to flow allowing Wan to take the third. James wasn’t ready to give up the fight and played some impressive squash in the early points of the fourth, however Wan’s ability to win every front of court exchange was taking it out of his opponent. An honourable display from the Queens player but not enough to prevent Wan from closing out the match 3-1.


Eddie Charlton vs Matt Sidaway.


With the tie poised at 2-all this match would be the decider and it started at a fierce pace with some classy squash on show from both players. After a monster rally at 6-8 which Eddie eventually lost to a rolling volley nick the first game could not be salvaged by the home player. The start of the second was full of crowd pleasers from both players and sounded more like bonfire night than Yorkshire League up on the balcony. Choosing to defer his fine for serving out until after the match Eddie redeemed himself with a stunning get, winning the first of a flurry of points to take the advantage 9-4. Some outrageous showboating from Matt aided a brief recovery but Eddie wasn’t for being out-nicked and dug in to take the second 11-9. The third began with a brutal exchange which Eddie eventually closed out with a winner so cunning you could have stuck a tail on it and called it a weasel. The quality of shots from both players even when fully extended was a pleasure to watch and an increasingly physical third went in Eddie’s favour with a clinical drive that Matt couldn’t gouge out of the back corner. A change of top by the away player failed to fluster Eddie who opened the fourth with a magnificent rally-winning reflex drop forcing an audible expletive from the Queens player and silencing a stunned balcony. Matt briefly looked like he might swear himself into a comeback but Eddie regained control at 9-6 and powered through to take the match 3-1.

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