YPL Match Report. Chapel A beat top of the table Dunnington to close gap.

17th Mar 2017







Premier: Yorkshire Winter 2016/17
Opposite is the Yorkshire Premier League table as it stood before last night’s win and Ponte’s loss, and as you can see, we have a great chance of winning it this year. We have Abbeydale 2 away next Weds and then Ponte 1 on 29th March at home which could be the title decider! We will keep you updated but either way, please come down and give your noisy exuberant support for this fantastic team against our local rivals.
Simon Parke.



Match report v Dunnington away 15.3.17


4.  Myself v Andy Cross.    I had never played Andy before but it made a change playing someone older than myself rather than half my age! Andy has just turned 50 but is in great shape and gets better with age and is certainly one of the best over 50s in the country. He started well against me too, going 6-1 up very quickly, but i gradually got warmed up and got myself back into the first sneaking it 11-9. I was then in a good rhythm and managed to work Andy more than the reverse which was important as i reckon he’s fitter than me. This continued happily for me as i got a little more accurate and won in 3.

3. Stu MacGregor v Gareth Lumsden.      Tricky one this for Stu, Gareth is very experienced and i believe he has not lost all season for his team. There was a bit of “sledging” going on too which Stu let affect him and it meant he lost a little focus. The courts were very hot and both players like to play fast, but Gareth was a little more accurate enabling him to control the match better winning in 4.

2. Owain Taylor v Julian Tomlinson.       I said “good luck’ to Owain before this match and he said “i should be ok” which always fills me with fear! Owain realised quickly that nothing is carved in stone, losing the first game from a winning position. Julian is such a fighter and will not stop running, so you really can’t underestimate him. To be fair to Owain, he got himself back on track despite a few obtuse conversations with the referee and some inane Dunnington heckling from one particular guy who’d had too many Yorkshire Blondes (the ale, not girls). Owain was always the better player, he just had to keep putting the nails in the coffin before finally winning in 4.

5.   Dom Hamilton v Matt Stevenson.      Awkward player Matt, and pretty strong too, so Dom couldn’t take any prisoners. The first went Dom’s way as he showed his flair. But Matt came back strong in the second playing a lot tighter and really pushing Dom into the four corners. Dom showed some grit and will to win  after that and a little more patience and persistence to come through in 4.

1.    Our ever faithful No1 Mark Fuller was yet again playing a much higher ranked opponent in Nathan Lake (57 in the world) but Mark had actually won the last time in 5. Things were looking good for Mark as he made it very tough physically for Nathan right from the beginning. Unfortunately Nathan had to retire pretty early in the second after Mark had secured the first. It looked like cramp but Mark didn’t want to win that way as he was well up for the challenge as usual.


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  Team   P W L D F A Pen Total
1 Dunnington 1 16 13 3 0 250 123 0 250
2 Chapel Allerton 1 15 11 4 0 236 116 0 236
3 Pontefract 1 15 10 5 0 227 125 0 227
4 Barnsley 1 16 10 6 0 214 155 -3 211
5 Hallamshire 1 17 10 7 0 201 186 0 201
6 Queens 1 14 7 7 0 164 146 0 164
7 Pontefract 2 15 6 9 0 141 204 0 141
8 Hull & ER 1 15 4 11 0 115 225 0 115
9 Abbeydale 1 15 2 13 0 108 242 0 108
10 Abbeydale 2 14 3 11 0 94 228 0 94

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