YPL Match Report- Another great win for Chapel A

10th Nov 2016



No1s Owain Taylor v Sam Wileman

First on was Owain for us as he had to get the train back to Nottingham afterwards. His opponent Wileman is pretty good technically but would always be second best fitness wise. This proved to be the case as Owain managed too control the court most of the time. He was a little frustrated with his accuracy at times but got the job done 11-5, 11-8,11-3.


No5s Cameron Ward v Misaki Kobiyashi

Cameron had never played against a world ranked female player before so was a little nervous. He settled in well keeping the pace high and not allowing the Japanese No1 too much time at the front of the court. Kobayashi is talented and has a particularly dangerous boast but Cameron employed the right tactics playing regular good length winning 11-7, 11-8, 11-6.


No3s Simon Parke v Elliot Ridge

I know i mention age every week but this is getting ridiculous! Ridge is 27 years my junior almost to the day and i was aware of his talent as I’ve trained with him quite a lot in the last few years. He still surprised me though, not with his skill, but his resilience and fitness. The first game i took an early 6-2 lead but was maybe a little complacent losing it in one hand 11-6. The second i got my act together and managed to press a bit tighter and keep the ball away from his stronger backhand. Unfortunately for me though, Ridge’s resolution remained and i was unable to keep the required pressure up losing it 11-6. I was really in a match now and i had to call upon some serious mental and physical reserves to control the ball more on the forehand side winning 11-6, 11-4 to take the match.


No4s Dec Christie v Matt Godson

Dec has been playing well this season but tonight was his third match in 3 days, and his body was not enjoying it! His racket control early on was too good for Godson though sending him scurrying all over the court taking the first comfortably 11-8. The second the pain was visible as Dec suffers with painful shins and Godson took it 11-7. Unbelievably Dec managed to win the third 12-10 as his shins were really letting him down. We had already won the match and there’s a long season ahead so Dec quite rightly conceded the match at that point.


No2s Stu MacGregor v Adam Taylor

Stu has been playing well recently for us and also reached the final of the British U19s but today was not his day. Taylor is a very experienced, tricky and underestimated opponent. But underestimate him at your peril. I don’t actually think this was the case with Stu tonight, it was just a case of him being a little under par playing against Taylor who he just didn’t read very well. And when you don’t read someone, speed is taken out of the equation which nullifies a large part of Stu’s game. Hopefully this will be a good learning experience for Stu.

Taylor wins 11-4, 11-5, 12-10.


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