Yorkshire Premier League is the main attraction on the squash scene at Chapel Allerton this season, with top class squash on our show courts every week. Everyone is invited so bring your friends, and we welcome visitors from other local clubs.   All the players tend to join us in the bar afterwards and it is always a well attended night with a great atmosphere.   Chapel A 1 finished the 2016/17 league as Champions, but they just struggled to maintain their hold for the 2017/18 season, finishing second in the league. This year sees two teams in Premier Division once more so we can host top level squash every Wednesday.

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Autumn Fixtures
Chapel A 1 - v - Abbeydale 1
3 October 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Queens 1
10 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Hull & ER 1
17 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Barnsley 1
24 October 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Dunnington 1
31 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Queens 1
7 November 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Pontefract 1
14 November 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Chapel A 2
21 November 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Barnsley 1
28 November 2018
Winter Fixtures
Chapel A 2 - v - Hallamshire 1
16 January 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Pontefract 1
23 January 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Pontefract 2
30 January 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Hull & ER 1
6 February 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Hallamshire 1
13 February 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Abbeydale 1
20 February 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Pontefract 2
27 February 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Chapel Allerton 1
6 March 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Dunnington 1
13 March 2019
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Parkey's Match Reports

Parkey’s match report.


Parkey’s YPL match report v Barnsley (a)


  1. Dec Christie lost to Tom Bamford 2-3.

Dec went 2-0 up fairly comfortably playing some accurate stuff and Bamford didn’t seem to find his rhythm very quickly. Dec has been putting some extra work in and it was paying off but in the third there was a bit of a switch as Bamford started to regain some control, taking that and the fourth. The fifth was a huge struggle with both players playing well but Dec taking a strong lead. Bamford fought hard though taking the fifth 11-7 and the first rubber for the home side.


  1. Simon Parke lost to Laura Massaro 1-3.

A couple of years back, myself and Massaro tried to get some hits organised but they didn’t happen. So tonight was the first time we’d stepped on court together, and the first game was nip and tuck up to around 5-4. During a pretty arduous rally, a scab on the back of my right hand came off and there was a fair bit of blood which needed cleaning up. With the blood rule, you’re allowed to take your time to use bandages or plasters to cover it up, but if blood is sighted for a second time after stepping back on court, you will be disqualified. I used sticky bandages around the hand, but of course then I couldn’t feel the racket. Anyway, I tried my best with the bandage on going 2-0 down, and then ripped it off for the 3rd. The bleeding had pretty much stopped by then anyway and I got my feel back taking the third 11-1. Massaro had played really well though especially on the backhand side, in particular, a winning straight drop from the back of the court, which was a millimetre above the tin! She also got me on a few backhand flicks at the front of the court, shots which I’ve commentated on many times and still couldn’t read. To be fair, Massaro got me working pretty hard in the end, managing to wear me down in four.


  1. Owain Taylor beat Stu MacGregor 3-0.

Owain is continuing his good form, as this looked on paper like a tough one. But MacGregor never really turned up as Owain played fast precise squash, not giving the Barnsley player a chance to relax on there. Our man has been working on taking the ball early and attacking at the front better and it was paying off in this match, hitting his lines well, and anticipating the next shot easily.


  1. Mark Fuller lost to Miles Jenkins 1-3.

These two play and train together pretty often so know each others strategies well. Mark started the brighter, although looked a little tired from running, and playing in, his Nottingham Open doubles last weekend. So one love Mark but Jenkins looked to be playing really well, especially to the front of the court taking the second in a tie break. Then it started being a real battle for Mark as he started going in short a bit too early when Jenkins was playing particularly well up there. Jenkins leapt forward and countered a lot of drops and boasts successfully, taking the next two comfortably.


  1. Greg Lobban beat George Parker 3-1.

This was a high class match as expected and deserved a much bigger crowd for 27 in the world (Greg) and 34 (Parker). First blood was to our Greg as he was more precise and was helped along by a few errors from Parker. One love Greg but Parker came back strong in the second, taking the ball nice and early, and hitting a crisp length. One all. The third was crucial with Parker dominating a lot of the rallies but Greg showed a lot of stubborn determination, (much required to get to the top in this sport) and clung on. Parker also started making a few comments to the referee (some funny, some not), which is always a good sign for his opponent. Some amazing rallies ensued in the third and fourth but it was the Chapel a No1 and higher ranked player that came through in four.



Simon Parke.

First team player/captain/coach.