North East Racketball Results

05th Mar 2014

5th NE Racketball Weekend 1st – 2nd March 2014


Chapel A’s Many Winners and Lots More!


70 competitors played in 7 events in another hugely successful weekend. Chapel A members were involved in a number of finals but there was much much more than the competition. The crowds watching every match were excellent; a number of U3A members from the 12 U3A Racketball groups played and spectated; the organisation by Peter Edwards and his team was top notch; there was plenty of good food and drink on offer all day; and the ladies from all the clubs, who like both the competitive and social side of tournaments, chatted well both on and off court!
Congratulations to all Chapel A members who played and supported this tournament but to those who played in the finals you did your club very proud.
The top ranked A finals in both Men’s and Ladies’ were won by Chapel A – Dom Hamilton and Claire Walker respectively. Both were favourites for the titles and didn’t disappoint. Dom beat National O40’s Runner Up Neil Baldwin from Huddersfield in 3 fast and furious games. Claire, who is National O40’s Squash Champion, National Racketball and O40’s Racketball Champion, beat Chapel A compatriot Matilda Parslow, Girls Under 19 National Racketball Champion, and who plays at Hallamshire whilst studying at Uni. There were some fantastic rallies in this encounter and Matilda gave a good account of herself and could be beating Claire in the not too distant future.
Chapel A were also winners in Men’s C with Ian Thompson taking the title; Emma Stallworthy retained her title in Ladies’ C; and in the D Events the husband and wife team of Jeremy and Sam Whiting won their respective events – Jeremy beat Mike Smith and Sam beat Audrey Coulson. The Coulsons were champions in 2 of the inaugural age events – Audrey in the O60’s and Ian in the O65’s. The O50’s Ladies was won by Cath Limb beating Jayne Dixon.

Chapel A hosted the 2014 North East Regional Racketball Championships on the weekend beginning the 1st March. The results were as follows:


A) Winner: Dominic Hamilton

B) Winner: Casey Hall

C) Winner: Ian Thompson

D) Winner: Jeremy Whiting


A) Winner: Claire Walker

B) Winner: Holly Moore

C) Winner: Emma Stallworthy

D) Winner: Sam Whiting

Over 50s

Men’s)   Winner: Paul Haigh

Ladies’)  Winner: Cath Limb

Over 60s                                                                                            

Men’s)    Winner: Stephen Utley

Ladies’)   Winner: Audrey Coulson

Over 65s                                                                                           

Men’s)    Winner: Ian Coulson

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