Interested in joining the racketball or squash ladder?

16th Dec 2016

Please let Peter Edwards know if you are interested in joining a Racketball or Squash  Ladder?


The Ladder

What is it?

The club ladder is essentially a ranking system of all the squash players in the Club. The
ladder is separate from the internal club leagues, so even if you don’t want to commit to
the leagues you can still participate in the ladder.
How does it work?
The ladder lists squash members in ability order and players move up the ladder by
challenging and beating those listed above them. If you successfully challenge another
member (i.e., you win), then you move up to your opponents’ position on the ladder, and
your opponent will fall by one place. If you are unsuccessful (you lose), then both players
stay in the same places as before.
Who can I challenge?
Players already on the Club ladder can only challenge others who are up to 10 places
above them, and therefore can be challenged by players up to 10 places below them.
What happens then?
All matches must be the best of five games
To join please contact Head Coach Peter Edwards at

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