Chapel A v Hallamshire Match Report

24th Oct 2016



No3s  Simon Parke v Mike Pearson.

First up was myself against the nephew of my former coach and former Chapel A coach David Pearson. Hadn’t seen Mike for a while and always thought of him as a youngster but he’s apparently now 30 years old, how time flies! Mike wasn’t quite as fleet footed as i’d remembered but he still had some lovely touch into the front corners. I was managing however to take the ball early and keep the error count low winning 11-5, 11-4, 11-9.


No4s Cameron Ward v Alex Cutts

Cameron was making his debut for us tonight. He is from Hampshire but is currently studying in Leeds. It was an interesting test for him against Cutts as he is an underrated but very experienced player at this level. Cameron is very strong physically and he was matching Cutts in most of the rallies, he just fell down most of the time with inappropriate shot selection. Cameron lost the first 11-5 but made a much better fist of it in the second almost nicking it but going down 11-9. The third was pretty similar with Cutts having most of the answers taking it 11-7.


No5s Declan Christie v Neil Guirey

This was always going to be intriguing. Both players with a lot of skill and technique, and both with a lot of guile. Guirey however clearly with more experience as a good ten years older, but this was showing in his legs rather than his mind as the match wore on. The first was a real tussle and well contested, going to a tie-break with Dec just edging it 13-11. The next two saw a real drop physically from Guirey as Dec continued to play accurately which ultimately caused an 11-4, 11-5 finish for Chapel.


No2s Owain Taylor v Nick Wall Jnr

Bit of a youth Wales v England this one, but with Owain at 19, two years older than Nick and twice his size it looked like man against boy. Owain started the stronger, dominating his opponent with good intense and accurate play and took the first and second fairly comfortably. In the third Nick attempted a comeback and made a good job of it, hitting quite a few winners taking Owain to a tie break. Owain’s relative experience and better shot selection paid off in the end winning it 18-16.


No1s Mark “Mad Dog” Fuller v George Parker

An East Midlands rivalry this one, Mark from Nottingham and Parker from Leicester. Parker is only 20 still and is one of England’s best young players. He also has a short fuse, although i personally have never seen it. Mark  was definitely the underdog in this match but with some great skill and control from George, Mark just kept on retrieving and fighting to the death in every rally. And this is what you will get used to here at Chapel A with Mark, his never say die attitude is just astounding. Especially with some of the quality being thrown at him on the backhand side, being able to absorb in such a way is a great talent. Mark managed to go 1-0 then 2-1 up as Parker kept pulling back until it finally went Mark’s way 12-10 in the 5th…..what a win!!

We are now 4th in the table with a game in hand.

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