Chapel A v Barnsley Match Report

31st Oct 2016



No5s.  Niall MacKinnon v Josh Greaves

Niall had been away recently so was worried about being rather rusty but his young opponent Greaves, like his famous namesake, is much better at football than squash! So Niall managed to control proceedings quite well making Greaves scurry around and come up with loose balls. This played into Niall’s hands as he won convincingly 11-3, 11-3, 11-4.


No2s.  Stuart MacGregor v Ollie Holland.

Our Stuart wasn’t going to have an easy time of it against Holland. Holland isn’t playing much these days as he’s been concentrating on his degree but he’s an ex top 3 in England junior so he certainly wasn’t lacking in technique, skill and experience. Stuart showed why he’s gone up to No2 in our team in the first two games playing very consistently and moving really well taking them 11-9, 11-8. you don’t lose that fighting quality though and Holland refused to go away taking the next two 11-9, 11-7. So it was all on the 5th game and Stu took a very useful 8-2 lead with Holland making a lot of unforced errors. It was then a bit of an edgy finish for Stu but he wrapped it up 11-6 in the 5th


No4s. Declan Christie v James Pickles.

Declan has been playing well of late and Pickles at 6 foot 5 is a very hard hitting strong player. This seemed to be a bit of a problem early on for Dec as he struggled to find his accuracy and Pickles powered his way to an 11-8 first. Dec regrouped well in the second starting to hit his corners well and get his tall opponent moving. Dec is very good when he gets into his hitting rhythm and he becomes hard to break down. This is what happened taking the next three 11-4, 11-6, 11-6.


No3s. Simon Parke v Ollie Harris.

Another young whippersnapper for me then as usual, the 20 year old Harris. Improved  a bit recently apparently but also has had two car accidents and food poisoning this year so a bit of a “annus horribilus”! It was a pretty good first, both of us playing well and was pretty well contested in the first with me sneaking it 11-8. The second i got a good lead up to 5-2 and held on as Harris tired somewhat to win it 11-7. The third was a little easier as i started to volley a little more taking it 11-4.



No1s. Mark Fuller v Chris Fuller.

A match between brothers this , Mark being the elder but unfortunately had been on the wrong end of a few with Chris recently. Determined to turn it round this time, Mark started well pushing Chris hard, the brothers not showing much brotherly love, with the younger Fuller just edging it 14-12. Mark had beaten George Parker  a week earlier but didn’t seem to have the same verve this week as Chris seemed to dominate more as the match went on. The second was fairly comfortable with Chris taking a 7-1 lead and just getting too far ahead for a comeback coming through 11-5. In the third Mark pushed hard again as he does but his brother was just too sharp taking it 11-9.

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