YPL Match Report v Queens. Won 4-1

28th Nov 2016



No4s Simon Parke v Zan Bombek

First up was myself against Slovenian gap year student Bombek. He seemed to be quite nervous all the way through and never really got going but a good start for us with myself winning in 3.


No3s Stu MacGregor v Connor Sheen

Potentially this was a close match as both young players have improved considerably of late. Connor is a very clean striker of the ball and Stu is a very persistent and fit player. The first game was close possibly going either way but the Halifax player just nipped it 13-11. After that, Connor seemed to hit his stride more and more as Stu got frustrated with his inability to take Sheen right into the corners on a regular basis. With Sheen’s increasing accuracy and confidence he managed to take the next two 11-7, 11-7.


No5s Dom Hamilton v Lewis Scott

At no5 we welcomed the return of Dom after injury and to be fair, it was quite a straightforward comeback for our local hero. Dom never really looked troubled, apart from the fact that the t-shirt i lent him was 4 sizes too small (too small for me too!) and it looked like it’d been sprayed on. The first was pretty easy but the next two were a little more competitive, Dom showing a few tricks and splits movements that we love. Dom had too much for Scott coming through 11-9, 11-9 in the last two.


No2s Owain Taylor v Matt Sidaway

A year ago this match would’ve been different but lucky for us Owain is improving all the time, and Sidaway has declined physically due to a tough coaching job. This was evident in the match as Owain made Sidaway do a lot of work and didn’t allow him to get into good hitting positions. Sidaway is strong when he has time, especially on the forehand, but Owain played the right game on the night winning 5,9,5.


No1s Mark Fuller v Patrick Rooney

Mark “Mad Dog” Fuller is fast becoming a big hit with the Chapel A regulars, mainly due to the fact that he he gives absolutely everything leaving nothing on the court. He is a also a very astute player who has particularly improved his short game in the last year. Rooney is about 10 years Mark’s junior but he looked older in his movement as he didn’t seem to back up too well after his five setter in PSL the night before. It must be said that Mark also had a huge match the previous night but he managed to concentrate well and block out the discomfort. And it was all going Mark’s way until in the third Rooney had other ideas, displaying the skill we know he’s capable of taking it 11-6. The fourth was more of the same being a lot more competitive, but Mark got back on track clinching it 11-9.



We are now going into the Xmas break just 6 points behind Pontefract in 2nd place and in a great position to attack the 2nd half. Please come and support at the next match which is away at Queens Halifax on 25th January and/or come to the next home match which is 1st February against Hull.

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YPL Match Report- Another great win for Chapel A