Yorkshire Premier News – close defeat to table topping Barnsley

29th Nov 2013

“Chapel Allerton’s Yorkshire Premier Team were unfortunately chopped down to size last night in a top of the table, feisty clash, going down 3-2 against league leaders Barnsley. The team brought in Top Guns, Parke and Charlton but were always going to struggle with Dominic Hamilton’s absence in view of work and eating commitments. So how did our bulldogs fare?

Ross “The Iron Monger” Williamson (1) v Mick Stead (3)
Despite his usual keen volleying and candid touch, the man with lowest front wall – tin ratio was well and truly blocked out of the match by a veteran of the ‘big n solid’ tactic. 6.5/10
Adam “Stella” Welstead (0) v Rob Taylor (3)
A valiant effort from young welstead, but in fairness, was beaten by a far fitter (albeit slightly odd ball) opponent. The 6 pints the night before and 10 regal king size that day didn’t help. The ‘beast’ sadly never really emerged. 6/10
Niall “Mad Dog” Mackinnon (1) v English Junior No.1 (3)
Despite fighting back well after a bad start, mad macka was victim to a hattrick of the worst marking decisions ever witnessed in European squash. Played some decent rallies but wasn’t firing on all cylinders. 6/10
Simon “rough n tumble” Parke (3) v Pete Bilson (1)
The Ravanelli ‘dead ringer’ had the veteran former ace on the ropes for long periods with pressure volleying and some sublime shot making. But the tortoise showed who’s boss with some unorthodox retrieving, cunning shot making……and pushing the man with a dodgy eye into a volcanic temper through consistent trash talking and drilling his opponent with the ball – kids, don’t try this at home! 8/10
Eddie “camp” Charlton (3) v Andy Whipp (1)
Whirlwind Whipster still has the ability to push the top boys. But the reality was just another day in the office as our campest player dispatched of the Whipster with relative ease. 7/10

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