Sunday Social

09th Dec 2013

The winners were Mark Brown and Brett Pardoe who played Brent Murray and Adam Neep in the final.  Best dressed were clearly Lydia Edwards and Michaela Bruce.  Much fun throughout afternoon – 12 pairs played in 3 boxes playing 3 RR matches each.  8 games playing 4 with partner and 4 against.  So it was all very sociable.  Mince pies and mulled ginger wine afterwards was excellent and very welcome

Close defeat to Birmingham

Going into this match we were probably favourites but only just. Every game looked tough and we needed to be at 100%. We were missing Shaun ...
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12 Days of Fitness

A Christmas present for members!  Bring your friends and family to Chapel A this December. From 1 December, we will give them a 12 day co...
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