Yorkshire Premier League is the main attraction on the squash scene at Chapel Allerton this season, with top class squash on our show courts every week. Everyone is invited so bring your friends, and we welcome visitors from other local clubs.


All the players tend to join us in the bar afterwards and it is always a well attended night with a great atmosphere.


Chapel A 1 finished the 2016/17 league as Champions, but they just struggled to maintain their hold for the 2017/18 season, finishing second in the league. This year sees two teams in Premier Division once more so we can host top level squash every Wednesday.

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Autumn Fixtures
Chapel A 1 - v - Abbeydale 1
3 October 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Queens 1
10 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Hull & ER 1
17 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Barnsley 1
24 October 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Dunnington 1
31 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Queens 1
7 November 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Pontefract 1
14 November 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Chapel A 2
21 November 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Barnsley 1
28 November 2018
Winter Fixtures
Chapel A 2 - v - Hallamshire 1
16 January 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Pontefract 1
23 January 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Pontefract 2
30 January 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Hull & ER 1
6 February 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Hallamshire 1
13 February 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Abbeydale 1
20 February 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Pontefract 2
27 February 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Chapel Allerton 1
6 March 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Dunnington 1
13 March 2019
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Parkey's Match Reports



Parkey’s match report.


Some long term injury problems for us this season, especially myself and Dec, (calf and back respectively) and it showed in the results. Dec was unable to control the T as he usually does when fit, and credit to Ed Shannon, he played exactly the right fast paced game. Hurrying Dec around the court, never allowing him to settle, Shannon was mainly in control taking the match in 3. Shannon beat Christie 3-0.


My right calf issue is on and off, and just when i think its ok to go full pelt, it lets me down. It usually takes a good player to get me to that point though. After a poor first game for Michael Andrews, hitting lots of tins and handing it to me, he started to play. The second game was tough with much longer rallies, and the heater noticeably turned up to Abu Dhabi type temperatures, with Andrews coming through. In the third, there were a few burly plays from the youngster, (but nothing I haven’t seen a million times before), but in the end my calf let me down and I had to stop. To be honest I’m looking forward to hopefully playing a whole match injury free in the second half! Andrews beat Parke 2-1 (retired)


Chapel’s Joe Williams was up against another runner Julian Tomlinson, and I thought he had a dent chance. Joe always gives 100% and today was no exception, squeezing through in the first two really tight games going 2-0 up. Tomlinson is a fighter, and also quite experienced now, and slowly managed to work Joe out winning in 5.  Tomlinson beat Williams 3-2.


Chapel’s Owain Taylor, had been struggling a bit with form but recently had shown some more promising signs. Today against Rob Downer (who had also been struggling of late), was going to be interesting. They both put on a good show, both looking more confident, but the difference in the end was probably the length accuracy from Owain just falling a bit short. Good quality first 3 games though with Owain going 2-1 up but then running out of steam a little in the last two. Downer beat Taylor 3-2.


Chapel’s Mark Fuller had a tall order against World No40 Chris Simpson, who is known for his accuracy and ball control. “Mad Dog” Fuller is known for his tenacity, but he’s improved his short game a lot recently and was able to compete winner for winner at times. Simpson though was more accurate to the back of the court and it’s showing in PSA too (he’s currently in the last 16 of Black Ball Open in Cairo), and had too much for Mark winning in three.

Simpson beat Fuller 3-0.


CHAPEL A 1   0    DUNNINGTON 5  (5-15)