Yorkshire Premier League is the main attraction on the squash scene at Chapel Allerton this season, with top class squash on our show courts every week. Everyone is invited so bring your friends, and we welcome visitors from other local clubs.   All the players tend to join us in the bar afterwards and it is always a well attended night with a great atmosphere.   Chapel A 1 finished the 2016/17 league as Champions, but they just struggled to maintain their hold for the 2017/18 season, finishing second in the league. This year sees two teams in Premier Division once more so we can host top level squash every Wednesday.

Next Home Game

Chapel A 1 v Hull

When: Wednesday 11th December 2019 7.30pm

Where: Chapel Allerton LTSC

Autumn Fixtures
Chapel A 1 - v - Abbeydale 1
3 October 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Queens 1
10 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Hull & ER 1
17 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Barnsley 1
24 October 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Dunnington 1
31 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Queens 1
7 November 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Pontefract 1
14 November 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Chapel A 2
21 November 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Barnsley 1
28 November 2018
Winter Fixtures
Chapel A 2 - v - Hallamshire 1
16 January 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Pontefract 1
23 January 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Pontefract 2
30 January 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Hull & ER 1
6 February 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Hallamshire 1
13 February 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Abbeydale 1
20 February 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Pontefract 2
27 February 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Chapel Allerton 1
6 March 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Dunnington 1
13 March 2019
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Last Match Report

Parkey's Match Reports


CHAPEL A 1 lost to ABBEYDALE 1 0-5

5. ALEC FOSTER lost to PHIL SCULLY 9/11, 7/11, 3/11.

Alec played a pretty good first game and was able to stick in with some long rallies against the experienced Scully. Unfortunately though after a good lead Alec wasn’t able to secure the first, just marginally losing it. After that it was Scully who got a foothold in the match, reading Alec’s crosscourt and manufacturing some good volley drop winners, and taking the 2nd. The third was difficult for Alec as he was visibly tiring and Scully pulled away comfortably in 3.

4. JAMES WILKINSON lost to COLINE AUMARD 11/8, 11/6, 6/11, 4/11, 7/11.

James had had a niggle from the previous week, but had got through training the night before so was fit to play. He had a tough task though against French women’s international Coline Aumard. James started brightly, taking the ball nice and early with a few direction switches, making it difficult for Aumard to get in solid positions. This enabled James to get to a 2-0 lead but Aumard played a very clever astute 3rd to get back into the match. After this it started to get physical and you could see the signs of James’ niggle appearing. He battled on though with hampered movement but unfortunately went down in 5.

3. PAUL ALLEN lost to OLLIE TURNER 9/11, 11/8, 10/12, 7/11.

Paul is definitely improving week by week, unsurprisingly, and I thought he did pretty well here against the solid Turner. Paul himself was not happy though which is a good sign that he is keen to go to the next level. The first two were shared and the ball was extremely lively as both players were hitting at one pace. Probably the better touch at times was shown by Paul but it was Turner who just clinched the third in a tiebreak. That proved to be important as the Sheffield player came through in 4.

2. OWAIN TAYLOR lost to ADAM TURNER 11/5, 4/11, 11/9, 7/11, 7/11.

Owain is another example of our injury woes at present, but seemed to be ok for this match. He started well, playing the more accurate intelligent squash, and taking the first, but Turner is decent and managed to equalise with some impressive retrievals. The third Owain just squeezed but the signs of his back issue were starting to become evident. Turner latched on to this, and just made everything really tough, twisting and turning Owain and coming out the victor in 5.

  1. RICHIE FALLOWS lost to ADAM AUCKLAND 9/11, 8/11, 10/12.

Richie has been struggling a bit recently and probably put a bit too much work in earlier in the day to compensate. Squash is a really brutal sport though and you just can’t underestimate anyone. Somebody like Auckland really knows how to play, and is looking to go back pro, is certainly one player you can’t underestimate. He is quick and accurate and was reading Richie pretty well. Richie tried to finish the rallies perhaps a little too early but Auckland was prepare to rally and be patient, and that was ultimately the difference.

Last home match before Christmas is 11th December v Hull.

Please bring your support, we need some loud cheering!!