Yorkshire Premier League is the main attraction on the squash scene at Chapel Allerton this season, with top class squash on our show courts every week. Everyone is invited so bring your friends, and we welcome visitors from other local clubs.   All the players tend to join us in the bar afterwards and it is always a well attended night with a great atmosphere.   Chapel A 1 finished the 2016/17 league as Champions, but they just struggled to maintain their hold for the 2017/18 season, finishing second in the league. This year sees two teams in Premier Division once more so we can host top level squash every Wednesday.

Next Home Game

Chapel A 1 v Pontefract 1

When: Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Where: Chapel Allerton LTSC

Autumn Fixtures
Chapel A 1 - v - Abbeydale 1
3 October 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Queens 1
10 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Hull & ER 1
17 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Barnsley 1
24 October 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Dunnington 1
31 October 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Queens 1
7 November 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Pontefract 1
14 November 2018
Chapel A 1 - v - Chapel A 2
21 November 2018
Chapel A 2 - v - Barnsley 1
28 November 2018
Winter Fixtures
Chapel A 2 - v - Hallamshire 1
16 January 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Pontefract 1
23 January 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Pontefract 2
30 January 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Hull & ER 1
6 February 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Hallamshire 1
13 February 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Abbeydale 1
20 February 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Pontefract 2
27 February 2019
Chapel A 2 - v - Chapel Allerton 1
6 March 2019
Chapel A 1 - v - Dunnington 1
13 March 2019
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Last Match Report

Parkey's Match Reports

YPL Match Report

Queens away 16.10.19.


Alec started slowly giving Campion a 4-0 lead , but Alec got into his rhythm and slowly found himself at 7-5. A couple of cheap errors though let Campion back in who took the first game 11-9.  Alec started strongly in the 2nd game taking the ball earlier pushing through to take it 11-6. The momentum then swung back to Campion in the 3rd helped by several further errors from Alec, and Campion took the 3rd 11-4. The 4th was a close game with Alec fighting back from 7-4 down to get to 8-9, only to lose a long rally and Campion finished strongly to take the 4th game 11-8. 


Withington got off to a good start in the first game going 8-5 up. However, a couple of errors from the home player helped James back into the game managing to win a very tense opening game 11-9. From then on James started taking the ball a lot earlier, asserting himself on the tee and making a lot fewer mistakes. This allowed James to take an unassailable lead in the 2nd coming through 11-7. From then on there was only one winner as James took control, and the third game, 11-5.

2. Mark ‘mad dog’ Fuller Vs Josh ‘doesn’t want it’ Taylor(Mark won 3-2)This, on paper, should’ve been a straightforward match for our resident mad mutt; but after a busy week and a gruelling 5 setter the night before Mark definitely wasn’t feeling 100%. It was a fast opening couple of games, both players pushing up well but on the scorching side glass back at queen’s outright winners were hard to come by. After three games our number 2 was up 2-1 but Mark was beginning to show signs of fatigue, this shone through at the end of the 4th when he lost from a convincing lead. However, mad dog was never going to lay down and roll over! He regrouped, re-energised and returned to court with his chest puffed wide for the fifth and final game. It was blow for blow all the way to the latter part of the game, a few tonge and cheek decisions later coupled with the occasional “he doesn’t want it” and Taylor concentration dropped, opening the flood gates for Mark to bring it home 3-2.

3. Matty Powell Vs Lewis Harding.  Powell won 3-0

A rather straightforward affair this one. A bit of background for you regular subscribers to these match reports, there is an active bet between these two youngsters, Harding has until his seventeenth birthday (10th November) to beat our resident Scouser to win £100, if he fails Powell pockets the cash. So the stakes were even higher than usual for a third string match, this didn’t affect Matty though. In typical style and like times of old the spirit of Ramy Ashour graced Matty’s being several times during this match to produce flourishes of crosscourt nickery. The only shakey part was when he went 8-5 down in the 3rd but he steadied it out and took it 11-9; sealing the 4-1 victory and 18 points for Chapel A.


Owain went into this match a little concerned about a sore back, and of course his opponent, an ex pro and a very skilful one! Owain warmed up vigorously though and relaxed into a very precise and accurate game plan which seemed to work. Owain had been outclassed by Earles last year but managed to completely turn it around this season hitting much deeper length and controlling the t. It was 2-0 Owain but in the 3rd Earlesy took a 10-5 lead playing 5 or 6 good rallies but Owain regained control just in time taking the next 7 rallies in a row and the game 12-10.


Our next home match is Wednesday 23rd October v Pontefract 1.

Our team is 1. Richie Fallows

2. Owain Taylor

3. Matty Powell

4. James Wilkinson  5. Cameron Ward.