Members Notice. Nominations for election of General Committee.

18th Feb 2016




The 136th Annual General Meeting will be held at 7pm at the Club on Tuesday 8th March 2016.



In accordance with Club rules notice is hereby given that nominations have been received to fill vacancies for officers of the General Committee at the Club’s next Annual General Meeting.


There are three categories:-

First                The Honorary Treasurer who is elected each year.

Second           The General Officers.  In this second category Jeremy Whiting has stood down as Squash Chair, Avril Morgan   has stood down as Social Committee Chair and Karen Burton has stood down as Gym Chair.

Christian Kaiser, by end of a 3-year term on the GC has stood down as Tennis Chair.  Christian is standing for re-election.

Third               Ross Williamson and Kerry Benson who were seconded to the General Committee as Squash Chair and Gym Chair, respectively, will be standing for formal election.

Written notice of nomination together with the nominees signed consent, were received on or before the 31st December 2015.

There are 5 nominated candidates for the 4 available positions on the General Committee.

Voting procedure for General Officers
At the AGM there will be a ballot vote on the nominations received in respect of the General Officers of the General Committee.

All members are invited to attend the AGM.
However, only voting members, who have been voting members for at least the preceding two years, may vote at the AGM and must be present at the AGM to vote.


Voting members are:

Honorary Members
Life Members
Tennis Members
Squash Members
Gym Members
Daytime Members
Combined Sports Members
Non-Voting Members

Student Members
Junior Members – aged 17 or under on the 1st January.
Country Members – living and working more than 25 miles from the Club.
Corporate Members.
Social Members.
As there are more nominations than positions available there will be a ballot which will take place at the start of the AGM.  The votes will then be counted during the AGM and the successful candidates will be named before the end of the AGM.



In order to give voting members a chance to get to know the nominees please find below brief, self written, summaries to support their nomination.


Christian Kaiser
Christian Kaiser - Tennis Chair 

As the GC’s longest-serving officer, I have represented the club’s members for over 3 years – a dinosaur stuck in the dark ages, I hear you cry!
However, I am standing for re-election as I have experience in key decisions to maintain and enhance the club’s facilities and opportunities:
Notable benefits to tennis include:
– securing funding from Sport England and the LTA for the new indoor carpet and LED lighting
– agreeing a new contract for the outdoor courts, ensuring more regular treatment at better value
– recruiting and bringing the coaching program in-house that allows the club greater accountability and increased revenue
– increasing accessibility to the indoor courts at peak times by freeing up one court to be booked on a first-come first-served basis
These have been achieved working closely with the GC and our tennis committee, who are passionate ensuring playing the game is fun for all our members.
I also recognise it is difficult to satisfy each member’s individual viewpoint. As such, I feel I make myself approachable to anybody who wishes to talk to me about matters that affect themselves and the club, and would continue to do so.


Kerry Benson


A day member of the club I have been a member of the gym committee for over a year and acting Chair sinceDecember.


My view of the GC’s role is to provide the club that the members, current AND future, desire and deserve. This means providing the best possible facilities within a financial framework that allows for the provision of the best possible facilities for the next generation.
Currently I own the VANARAMA Leeds franchise, a small business focused solely on Leeds. As a result I have built up a significant network of local business contacts useful as both suppliers and for marketing the club.
Previous roles include

  • Chair of a local crime prevention charity with a commercial arm, where I learnt the importance of representing a variety of stakeholders.
  • MD of a Thailand-based international manufacturing and sales company employing over 500 staff, where financialplanning, strategicplanning and management of a complex “multi celled” operation were acquired skills.


If elected I hope to serve as Chair of the gym committee and to contribute to the GC’s fulfilment of its obligations to the club’s raison d’être – the members.


Louis McLeod
Louis McLeod



I have been a member of Chapel A for over 30 years. During that time I have seen many changes, not just relating to the facilities and the building, but also to the various committees and staff. I suppose you could call me the one constant in an ever changing club world!

I am at the Club regularly, speaking and socialising with members but also enjoying tennis, squash and racketball. For the last few years I have been a member of the social committee and have had responsibility for organising a variety of events ranging from the Hot Foot race to the Dinner Dance. It is through this committee that Ihave become more familiar with the workings of the club behind the scenes and I have learnt to appreciate what an important role, and commitment, being a committee member can be. By being a member of the General Committee I feel that I can take my responsibilities and drive for a happy, successful and transparent club even further.


For me the most important aspect of the Club are the members themselves and my main priority would be listening to them and acting on their behalf; improving communication between them, the committees, staff and management.


Michael Smith  
Mike Smith


Having been a member of the club for a long time (more or less since the mid 1970’s), simply put I feel it is time to give something back.


I volunteer my contribution entirely in line with the club’s constitution and the following reflects my sincere view.

It would be valid irrespective of which position I was to hold be it Tennis, Squash, Gym, Social Chair or any other function decided at the GC meeting following the AGM in March:
I see Chapel Allerton (LT+SC) as a totally member oriented club. It should be led by an open and approachable General Committee who engage with members continually.
We should strive to make everybody feel as welcome as possible and display an attitude of ‘willing accommodation’ at every opportunity.
The club’s core values should be supported by a staff team with an intelligent, efficient and sympathetic culture .
The overall aim being to ensure an enjoyable experience for all members from ‘entry point’ (at reception) with top class playing/exercise facilities and changing areas right through to a friendly relaxing bar/refreshment environment.
Overall, then, a Club that member’s feel respected by and have respect for.


Ross Williamson


Hello, I’ve been the stand in Squash & Racketball chairman for the last 6 months, during that time I have improved the method for match fees collection and have helped begin to build greater awareness around the club of the events available to members, an ongoing challenge.
I’ve beenplaying squash for 20 years and been a member of CA for the last 7 years. During that time I have captained various teams in Yorkshire and Harrogate leagues as well as building up some fantastic personal friendships.
More recently I have become a keen Racketball player, making Club Champs​ plate​ final.
In terms of our facilities I believe we’ve achieved an exceptional standard of squash courts with clean court’s, good flooring and bright LED lighting. In this respect I would make it my mission to maintain this high standard that we’ve become accustomed to.
I am keen to support the continued growth of the junior programme, which in the last three years has grown ten fold with 70+ regulars. A fantastic achievement for our coaching staff.
I would very much like your support in order to continue my role as Squash & Racketball chairman and have appreciated all support received so far.



Once elected as a General Officer, the title positions on the General Committee are then issued at a General Committee meeting within 30 days of the AGM.

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