Close defeat to Birmingham

09th Jan 2014

Going into this match we were probably favourites but only just. Every game looked tough and we needed to be at 100%. We were missing Shaun Le Roux as the rearranged dates messed up his schedule but we were still looking strong all the way down.

First on to court was No2’s Chris Simpson v Jaymie Haycocks and Jenny Duncalf v Sarah Jane Perry. Chris made a bit of a slow start losing the first game 11-8 but really managed to pick up his game and start to dominate the mid court line taking the next three relatively comfortably.
Jenny did the opposite and stormed through her first game 11-3 with superior length giving her rangy opponent no chance.

But SJ has more to her game these days at 14 in the world and managed to reverse the tables taking in the ball short with great accuracy enabling her to take the next two comfortably. Jenny got herself back into contention a little in the fourth but there were too many unforced errors and ultimately it was in vain going down 11-9.
So the overall match score was one all with myself and Nathan Lake taking court 5 and James Earles and Peter Creed on Court 6. Things were looking up in my match as I managed to control the tempo and style of the first two games winning them 13-11, 11-7. Trouble started though half way through the third as I started to feel like my insides were falling out and perhaps felt a bit short on match fitness. I duly lost the third and was 10-5 down in the fourth and then completely relaxed and managed to come back to 10 all tie-break.

At this point I thought I could sneak it but one or two tired errors crept in and I was unable to convert. In the fifth I gave it everything but he wasn’t going to miss any more easy chances and he took it 11-6. I have to say though it was a really enjoyable match….kind of….

On the other court Earlesy was playing a blinder against his much higher ranked opponent Welsh No1 Peter Creed and found himself 11-9, 11-8 up. I didn’t see this match as I was on simultaneously but I am told Earlesy was putting everything together perfectly and the fact that he lost was more down to Creed’s persistence, determination and experience rather than our lad making errors.

We were 3-1 down so time for our star player Daryl Selby to restore a bit of pride and also give us some much needed extra points. He didn’t let us down as he started 2014 moving really fluidly and playing a tactically sound game. He mixed up the tempo well as Ryder likes to play quite an attractive but essentially slow methodical style of squash and he can lull you into that. Thankfully Daryl didn’t allow that to happen and took the match 3-0.
So slightly disappointing that we lost 3-2 (actually winning more games than them!) but we picked up quite a few points and as you can see from above, we are still in contention in 4th on 73 points.
We would really appreciate if a few of you would come down and support us in our (must win!) next match (Tues 18th Feb) at Nottingham (away) as they can get quite vocal so some loud Yorkshire voices to counter that would really spur us on!

Simon Parke.

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