Chapel Allerton v Hallamshire away. YPL Match report

29th Feb 2016

YPL Match report v Hallamshire away  24.2.16


Hallamshire 18 – Chapel A 7


  1. Chris Fuller bt Simon Parke 3-0

11-8 11-4 11-5

My match (SP) was first on due to us both being in Sheffield at 6.45 and an order switch between the Fuller brothers at the last minute meant i was playing Chris not Mark. To be honest there’s not much difference between the two, they are both half my age and twice as fit! I did my best and had a pretty good first game, having just got back from Colombia where i was commentating and feeling slightly jetlagged. I managed to cut my work rate down initially and come up with a few tricks but it wasn’t enough for the very speedy C Fuller and i just went down hill physically after that. Pleased to get through unscathed though as my last efforts on court in the Nationals 10 days earlier ended in injury.



  1. Jack Alcock lt Dom Hamilton 1-3

12-10 11-13 6-11 8-11

Dom Hamilton was our only winner tonight unfortunately but it was well deserved and as you can see from the scores it was very tight. The match was played at a very fast pace, Alcock at least 10 years younger than our Dom, but “the Ham” was equal to it and put together some high quality squash. The first two were shared both going to tie breaks, Dom winning the crucial 2nd, but he still had a lot of work to do. The Ham kept his focus luckily and managed to pull through in an entertaining (as always) 4 games.



  1. Neil Guirey bt Niall Mackinnon 3-1

11-7 7-11 11-9 11-8

These two have played a few times with Guirey always the victor. Niall has always been able to get close though and is always hopeful of a breakthrough win. Today was no different as Neil and Niall (pronounced the same) battled in their polar opposite styles. NM dogged and workmanlike, and NG full of ideas and guile, but prepared to run and scramble as little as possible. It made for an interesting clash but however hard NM tried, there always seemed to be a very clever and experienced response. Great effort as always from NM but ultimately NG the victor again in four close games.



  1. Dan Lawrence bt James Butterworth 3-1

11-6 11-7 4-11 11-8

Debut for JB coming in from the 3rds to help us out and a very good job he did too. Dan is an experienced YPL player and James certainly didn’t look overawed and competed extremely well taking the 3rd game in dominant fashion 11-4. James has improved of late (hopefully down, in part, to my coaching!) and has been getting some good results lower down. Tonight though, he proved he has no problem moving up a few rungs and acquitted himself marvellously.



Mark Fuller bt Eddie Charlton 3-2

6-11 11-5 4-11 11-9 12-10

This turned out to be the decider, the older Fuller Mark overturning the younger Fuller Chris for the No1 spot and looking to prove a point. We had already lost the match but our Eddie Charlton is the consumate professional and of course would be giving 100% into gaining a point for us. It turned out to be a see-saw kind of match with some really high quality, Eddie delaying his shots and using some clever flicks, whilst the VERY busy M. Fuller was workmanlike and determined playing good length and moving well. Eddie was slightly more dominant though and managed to get himself 9-5 up in the 5th as Fuller was fading. Fuller is an amazing fighter and was not about to give up even when all seemed lost. He stuck in and aided by a couple of slightly unlucky errors from Eddie, managed to take it to a tie-break and ultimately win 12-10 in the 5th in a fantastic match.



Simon Parke.

YPL Team Captain.

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