Chapel A v Abbeydale Match Report

23rd Nov 2015

This week the CA 1st team had a mountain to climb, coming off three straight losses in Yorkshire’s Premier Squash League.


Our team has been suffering from injuries and struggling with consistent strength at the top end.   In table terms we’re not where we want to be.


This contrasted to our opponents in Sheffield’s Abbeydale, with back to back wins and sitting pretty in third in the league.


Luckily with less than 48 hours before the match our CA resident professional (Joel Hinds) answered our call of desperation.  Following a narrow loss at the squash World Championships in Seattle he heard our cry, changed his flight times and got an early flight home to lead our team and giving us a glimmer of hope


  1. Niall Mackinnon vs Nick Wall Snr

0-3  Abbeydale Win  (8-11, 4-11, 10-12)


This was the match that everyone wanted to see,  Mad Mackinnon vs his old nemesis Nick Wall Snr.   I honestly thought this would be the closest match of the night and fought to the death.  Nick didn’t see it this way.


Nick doesn’t do anything that special, he’s not that quick, his shots not particularly penetrating,  but always got a knack of winning, always playing the right shot at the right time, usually involving minimal risk or effort, making him uber efficient.  Add into that his mental Sheffield steel toughness makes him a nightmare to play and today was too much for our little Scottish haggis.


  1. Phil Young vs Ollie Turner

1-3  Abbeydale Win (9-11, 14-12 7-11, 5-11)


This was a special moment for Phil, after being a member at CA for 9 years this was his first time representing the 1st team and he did a great job in doing so.


This match was always going to be a brutal war of attrition, both players had similar styles; both a bit too error prone, but boy they were quick with joke court coverage.


The first game was tight all the way, Phil was hitting some great lines, especially down the back hand, he was volley hunting and countering at the front with a perfect combination of delicacy and severity.  A few freebies intermixed with the winners and it was tight all the way.    Unfortunately at 9 all, Phil fresh aired a serve (criminal) and tinned out, to go down 11-9.  Some would be embarrassed to lose a game in this fashion and may affect the rest of their match, not Phil, this wasn’t unplanned…this was the plan.


After a stern word from the stand in captain, Phil came on a different beast in the second and went a quick 5-0 up.   Phil then did what we’re all guilty of doing and took his foot off the gas, unfortunately this didn’t last one or two points, he completely fell off the edge of the cliff, and found himself 10-6 down.   Maybe this was still the plan,  as all of a sudden he woke up from his slumbering relaxed style and started to pick every ball up, with gusto. 7-10..8-10…9-10…surely not. 10 all, 11-10, 12-10 game to Phil.  Unbelievable, the Abbeydale man looked distraught !


The next game, was tight all the way,  but I feel a common theme started to occur, in that the games would be close up to 7-all ish, and then Phil would unfortunately fold like a cheap pack of origami, giving away free points as if it were Christmas.  This maybe down to fitness with Phil approaching his mid-thirties and Ollie is only 19, so possibly an excuse?  Erm no!  The impenetrable wall needed erecting…or just slot it.


The final game, Phil was spent and even gave up running one two points!  The captain remarked this was unforgiveable and Phil promised to never to repeat such a crime.. On a serious note,  he had a tough opponent and Phil stepped up when and played fantastic, we’re looking forward to watching Phil play Prem league again, he’s definitely improving with age…




Unfortunately we’re now 2 matches to love, down !  Here comes Playboy Dec Christie


3. Declan Christie vs Nick Wall Jnr

3-0 CA Win (11-6, 11-9, 11-4)


I really don’t know how Dec does it, coming into the match,  Dec has not played for two weeks,  rolled his ankle playing football and was trying it out on his first match back.  Here he’s playing one of top juniors in the country.  Nick Jnr may be only 15, but he’s a real competitor and comes from tough stock.  This however will be a match he’ll look back on again and again, probably because his Dad will make him as he recorded the whole thing on a home video camera.


Dec just finds the game of squash easy,  his tactics simple, limit your opponents angles and put the ball where they are not and that’s just about it, 3-0, Done,  shower time.


We’re back in it,  but still 2-1 down in matches.  Step onto court Superstar Hinds


  1. Joel Hinds (WR 80) vs Matthew Broadberry (WR 389)

3-0 CA Win (11-9, 11-6, 11-8)


On paper, this would normally be a complete mis-match.  Hinds currently WR 80 (should be much higher), playing Abbeydale’s young pretender ‘Matthew Broadberry’, at 18 yrs old and wr 389.  Throw into the mix Joel’s jet lag and ongoing ankle injury with Matthews complete disregard for form or elderly respect, his keener than mustard bounce and hunger for a scalp..  we had a game on our hands.


Joel’s superior precision in shot making was clear for all to see, however his ankle impinged movement was ginger at best.  Broadberry the complete opposite, way too loose and his swing clearly needs severe refinement, but his speed in movement was unworldly.   No matter what Hinds through at him he take one step, throw up a high lob and he was back in the rally = annoying.


The first games points were traded all the way up to 9 all, a couple of scrappy rallies, stoke to Joel 10-9.  Joel slots the next shot and practically ran off court looking extremely relieved to be one up.


This first game really broke the spirit of the young pretender as Joel carved his way through the next two games with relative ease.  Great first win and big thanks for coming home early Joel


This is it!  Matches are now tied at 2 all…..let’s roll the dice


  1. Dominic Hamilton vs Adam Turner 

CA Win 3-2 (8-11, 11-6, 6-11, 11-8, 16-14)


Re-capping to Louise Starks before the match what I’d to eat that day, in hindsight my preparation wasn’t great but it was tasty.  Porridge for breakfast, fish and chips for lunch and a pre-match snack of cheese, biscuits and Pate… I was not going to lose this one on a lack of fat reserves, that’s for sure.


I’d maybe mis-timed the pre match Pate, as the first I was slower than the slow, far too keen to take it in short and fearful of pro-longing any rally.


Dec gave some sounds words of “you want this more, remember that!”.  Well reminded, I took the next game fairly comfortably, one all….


I’m really annoyed how I played the next game,  I became far too passive, didn’t drive forward to control the T,  Adam played well, kept me hugging the back wall resulting in me trying to hit winners out of trouble. No chance, this man was too quick.


The fourth and Fifth,  Joel gave good advice in between the games of, try playing a couple of shots to the back, get in front and stop being so expletive passive !


The fifth I really must give a huge thanks to support received from the balcony, there was controversial decisions both ways, I somehow got to 10-7 up, but tired.  I can only apologise for what happened next, as I lost the next four points and found myself match ball down !   The match balls swung both ways, but with a bit of luck, some bottle, refusal to lose and my opponent on the receiving end of some intimidating home support, I managed to sneak a win 16-14 in the fifth.


This week bought us our first win for a while, we’re some way off the top,  but there’s still time and with a bit of momentum,  we may get back to the old glory days of Mortimer, Corky and Lines and finally bringing the Yorkshire Premier League title back to CA.


Thanks so much to all that came down to support us,  CA had an amazing week for all teams, as we gained a clean sweep across the board, with CA 2nd winning away at Malton and CA 3rds winning at Dunnington.  CAs 2 team are currently topping the Div 1 table and look very promising for promotion, which would be fantastic to see top Division squash every week at home.




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